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Beginner Sax Jupiter JAS 769-767 Alto Sax, on Ebay for £350.00.


Hello to everybody!
Does anybody have any experience of the above Alto, and is this a good buy for a new beginner like myself?
My aim, is to eventually take grades, so i am looking at a long-term investment. I'm new to the forum and money is tight at the moment, due to long-term unemployment. Also, if anybody can advise me regarding what reeds and a decent mouthpiece to buy.

Sorry if it's a question which has been asked before. I've tried to research what sax and accessories i need but the more i research the more confused i am.

All advice would be really appreciated.
Regards, Stringy.


One day i will...
Liverpool ( Pool of Life )
A few members do have this sax and they get good reviews as they are the intermediate level sax.
Problem is with it being on the bay you have to trust the sellers appraisal of the sax ! unless it is close by and you can try yourself or take someone who knows a good playable sax.

A few good altos are advertised here on the yardsale at the moment :thumb:
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