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Jupiter JAS-565-GL alto - unused


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I'm posting this on behalf of a band colleague - bought brand new a couple of years ago for his wife, who peered into the case, said "thank you" or "eek"- or possibly both - and never actually touched it, let alone played it! Case shoved under the bed and there it has remained ever since.

Sometimes it's so difficult to know what to buy the woman in your life.....

It has all the usual new sax equipment; manufacturers mouthpiece, sling, reeds etc, so if you can offer it a home where its' undoubtedly glorious tones can be released, my mate is looking for something around the £350 mark with 5% of that being donated to Petes fund.

I'll post pics as soon as but for now, imagine a brand new laquered brass alto sax :)


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That's a pretty good price, someone should snap it up...
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