Junior can hardly reach the doorbell......


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Greetings one and all - I have been sitting on the sidelines for a few weeks and thought I should dip a toe in the water.

I am a professional amateur (ever since I learned that the definition of expert is derived from X being the unknown quantity and spurt a drip under pressure) at just about everything I do. I played a malodorous old horn in my teens but that went before I got dragged kicking and screaming into National Service. Over the years I have dabbled with keyboards, several clarinets, failed dismally with a trumpet and have dived head first into one of those dreaded tenors from the far east. I am enjoying it immensely and consider it was fifty bob well spent.
Strangely, the more I play it, the better it gets.

Just to put me in an age bracket, can I add that the music stand I am using I acquired in 1947 to the best of my recollection! I hope my renewed aspirations will ward off dementia, increase respiratory capacity, keep arthitis out of my fingers and improve hand/eye co-orination.
Okay; I've said my piece and will return to the sidelines until something fires my imagination.

Chris Jones

Welcome to the Bar. There are a lot of Pro Am's on here so you’re in good Company.
I look forward to reading your wisdom.:mrcool


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Welcome mate ...

Sunray waves from Norfolk ... View attachment 1128

Have fun here - You have started on the right foot ... View attachment 1126

SodemalL is what I say - That's if I say anything - Often I say buggeralL

Hint: [for slow people] >:)

Llamedos, for those who cannot read reverse, is named after a tiny village nestling under the Llareggub (pronounced Llareggib) Hills made famous by Dylan Thomas in his magnificent work, "Under Milk Wood."


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Thanks for the geography, Sunray. ;} Llareggub is unquestionably Welsh .... but I would have thought Llamedos sounded more Spanish .... now I know better. >:)

old git

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Welcome to the caff©, llamedos.

Double ell, so Welsh or a genuine Yellowbelly?

National Service? You must be a real greybeard and eyebrows as well.



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Many thanks for the very warm welcome to this hallowed place - my maternal grandfather was Welsh but not from Llareggub. Age is very much in one's imagination; if you think you are old, you will be but personally I am just approaching middle age. Possibly from the wrong direction but who cares?

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