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Jumpin' Jam - Work in Progress


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Hi again Chris,
I have had a got at Jumpin' Jam. It is in my thread "pulling the act together", if you fancy listening :)


Well, Chris, all I can say is that you must be a) much more talented, and/or b) much more disciplined and assiduous in your practice than I :)
Of course I am a lot older and learning to read AND play is quite a major 'mind game' .....I liken it to learning to read and write Japanese while working in Tokyo :shocked:

A really good performance, IMO....well motivates me to practise harder!


Nice tone Chris. I haven't touched my sax since Xmas, just lost interest after a pretty heavy two years of learning. It was taking over my life (or rather had). I made rapid progress, got fairly decent but to that level where you think you are actually quite hopeless in the grand scheme of things, if you know what I mean. That the only way forward (to play it really well) is further total immersion and maybe that I started too late. Really it's my problem of thinking that you (me) can only 'play and enjoy' if if is perfect...
I must pick it up again soon and rekindle the interest. Glad you have stuck with it. Well done and respect.
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