Julian Aguelles

half diminished

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I've just started listening to Julian Arguelles. He's some interesting sound clips on his site. I like Scapes which has reviews saying

".... a release of almost unprecedented proportions in British jazz history"
Independent On Sunday

"Julian has pulled off the rare feat of producing something which is both completely different and equally brilliant"
Pete Martin, Jazz UK

Anyway I've enjoyed it.



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Hey Ian,

I totally agree with you on this. Julian is a very under-rated sax player and musician. he is also a thoroughly decent bloke who will happily give up his time to help impart some of his vast knowledge to an underling like myself!

I really love his octet stuff, some of it is bonkers but other parts are massively beautiful - check out the album Escapade. http://www.jazzstoreonline.com/cd/view/59/

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