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PPT Mouthpieces

JP044 Baritone Sax, low A.


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The Malverns, Worcs
I am thinking of upgrading my bari and am testing the water to see if I would be able to sell it rather than part exchange it.
It's a John Packer 044, low A bari, approx 2 years old.
It is played almost daily and I have had no problems with it. I play it in 5 different bands.

A small amount of lacquer is worn off on the octave thumb key, but otherwise it is in perfect condition.
It will come with the stock JP mouthpiece, a neck strap and in a wheeled case.

I would like £800 for it. Not sure about how to get it to you, but I am happy to drive for a couple of hours to meet you if necessary.

If I part-exchange it, it could be going as soon as the day after tomorrow!

5% donation to Pete's charity.

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