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Saxophones JP042 Tenor

Just to add to my previous recommendation
Just thought I would add ,this sax is really sturdy,I was playing at a pub on Christmas eve
and a couple of plonkers decided to have a play fight ,knocking over my mic stand which in turn knocked over my sax stand
I picked it up fearing the worst (the plonkers had run off laughing) on checking it over I discovered the octave key had been bent up slightly, one key guard slightly bent (easily fixed)
And a couple of slight scratches to the neck
I didn't want to have to put it through the drop test but, at least I know it will handle the worst that gigging can throw at it
Glad it survived. :)

Must be a rough old band you're playing with. ;}

Happy New Year!
Rough but virtually house trained (apart from Collins odd accidents)
Very happy new year to you hope to catch up with you soon
These guitarists and drummers just aren't on the same wavelength
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