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Big band Joshua Redman and Orchestra..


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brighton by the sea
A strange, but haunting piece of modern classical (..?) from Josh Redman & orchestra. Ray Dickaty flagged this one to me and I've been facinated by it since. not normally a style I'd go out of my way to look for but there's something quite beautiful going on here.
Apparently there's a version performed by Brecker somewhere out there too
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I like it - and i like his "normal" style of playing. hes playing this friday at Ronnies - Im gigging :( but saw him last year at the lighthouse in Poole. great stuff.
I cannot get it to play for some reason

Could someone post the url please

What an interesting piece, awesome I like it a lot:welldone
Brecker playing Psathas' sax concerto

Heres the URL for the Brecker version.
Again its in 3 parts this being part 1, the others are available on the YouTube page.
Its interesting to compare the playing styles between Redmans and Breckers.
Ray Saxby Dickaty
And that's the reason we practice long notes!

I love Mr.Redman's playing, always so inventive. I'm off to look up UK gig dates....
Just looking at JR's website - it's a really good read actually. Interesting to note that he only started taking the sax seriously in his 20's, though he does come across as rather modest so perhaps he's just playing with us.
Yes amazing, it does say he started playing sax at the age of ! 10 ! though but not taking it seriously until his 20's...( Just playing about with his dads Mark VI's I guess....!! ) when he deferred his Law degree studies and moved to NY....
His newest album Compass, is very good with a more free approach to music making, but maybe a bit overlong IMO. Seriously great tone though and the above orchestral clip does it for me every time...

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