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Johnny Roadhouse RIP


North Lancs
A great loss to music. I had my alto in for overhaul at his place a few months ago and Johnny came into the workshop as I was there to collect it. He took the alto from me, put a MP on and had a blow to check it out. WOW !!! At 88 he was still an amazing player. We chatted for about an hour before I had to catch my train. One of my most enjoyable afternoons ever.

mark fox

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Johnny was a in my grandfathers band in the 1940s and was always telling me what a great influence Alf (Alf Kay was my grandfather) was to him. I have know Johnny for 30 years and he always would do anything for anyone. I remember damaging a sax and needing a replacement fast he said pop round the shop and well have a look and see what we have, needless to say we found a nice one( i think it was a vintage conn) he's dept for me a few times too, which is truly humbling when you consider i was in my early 20s and did it for no other reason than for the joy of playing.i remember playing with him once and he turned up with just a bass sax, really good sense of humour.
I didn't know he had died as i havn't seen him since my GF died a few years ago, and i no longer live in Manchester. i will be sending my condolences.

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The Palm Tree strewn Wandle Surf Beach under the o
Good obit on Radio 4's 'Last Word'. Played with the NDO, one of the Beeb's shining heights and had Dankworth and the Eyebrow Brothers as recent visitors.
Getting worried, are they dropping hints?
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