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Johnny Roadhouse RIP


North Lancs
A great loss to music. I had my alto in for overhaul at his place a few months ago and Johnny came into the workshop as I was there to collect it. He took the alto from me, put a MP on and had a blow to check it out. WOW !!! At 88 he was still an amazing player. We chatted for about an hour before I had to catch my train. One of my most enjoyable afternoons ever.

mark fox

New Member
Johnny was a in my grandfathers band in the 1940s and was always telling me what a great influence Alf (Alf Kay was my grandfather) was to him. I have know Johnny for 30 years and he always would do anything for anyone. I remember damaging a sax and needing a replacement fast he said pop round the shop and well have a look and see what we have, needless to say we found a nice one( i think it was a vintage conn) he's dept for me a few times too, which is truly humbling when you consider i was in my early 20s and did it for no other reason than for the joy of playing.i remember playing with him once and he turned up with just a bass sax, really good sense of humour.
I didn't know he had died as i havn't seen him since my GF died a few years ago, and i no longer live in Manchester. i will be sending my condolences.

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