John Willmott


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Athens, Greece
I really love this sax player. Powerful. Minimalist.Effective. GROOVY!

When I was younger I really liked the Acid Jazz movement. Being a mod and hammond enthousiast I really liked James Taylor Quartet. And there's where I got to listen to Mr Willmott :)
He was playing with James Taylor (JTQ) until recently and I've seen him live in Greece numerous times.
Spot on funk vibe. Excellent tone. He plays good flute also, but I love to hear him in tenor sax :)

Here is his tenor-ish alto tone with the Perceptions (super group w/ex-JTQ band + Snowboy + Sam Gambarini (excellent hammond B3 player)

Tenor w/the perceptions!

On tenor with the New Jersey Kings aka JTQ


It's so funny, when I started switching from piano to hammond b3, my greatest influences were besides the usual US B3 players, Brian Auger &James Taylor. Now that my hair start getting grey and switching to tenor sax I return back to transcribing those guys, my "roots" :).

You brits certainly know how to play :)

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