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John Packer 141 Blues Alto


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Price:£300. Seller donates 5%.

John Packer JP 141 Blues Alto Sax in excellent condition - recently serviced by our very own Griff. Comes with an old and rather battered Yamaha mouthpiece which you can either keep or bin! Also 3 unused/sealed Vandoren No.2 reeds.

The 141 Blues is the step up from the 041/045 models - John Packers tell me they are made in a Taiwan factory rather than their Chinese set-up which does the "student" models. Bigger than usual bell - Griff commented on the extra power and projection when he serviced it - liked it. See the john packer website at

Fortunately this model has the white pearls rather than the black ones as in the image on the website (I have a JP141 Blues tenor which is having the black pearls replaced by Griff - not a good look!), and it comes in a proper brown case with catches not the cheap zipped one in the picture. The horn has a rose brass body - a bit subtler than some rose brass finishes, ie, it doesn't look pink - just a rather richer than usual gold.

No dents - just a very few cosmetic marks - I would describe as a used horn in execllent condition. If not satisfied return it for a complete refund less the postage.

Any questions, or if you want pictures of any particular part just PM me.
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