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PPT mouthpieces

John Packer 043 straight soprano - Vintage Finish


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Hi All,

Having a small clearout.

I've got a two-year old JP43 in a beautiful dark "antique" finish to sell. It was bought as my No1 soprano, but I haven't even been playing my No1 soprano due to clarinet distraction. I've played the Packer for no more than 10 hours. Really quite a big-toned instrument, with more spacious keywork than my Yanagisawa - it's a very good value proposition, as many of you already know about Packer.

£250 inc recorded postage in UK. Comes with it's original case, mouthpiece / lig.

I keep it in a black leather Reunion Blues gig bag which is in very nice order indeed. If you want that, add £120. I will sell that separately.

5% to Pete's charity.


Sorry - meant to say I'd bought it as my No2 sop. Also, I've mis-used an apostrophe (shudder) "its original case" was what I meant. Phew!
Price drops. Saxophone to £215 quid. Barely played, classy - good sound. A bargain.

Reunion Blues leather gig bag. £100 + postage £5 UK. A snip - almost certainly much nicer than your current sop bag/case.

Roll up. Roll up. I've got a big Bosch fridge to pay for!


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