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Woodbridge, Suffolk
Looking to buy first alto sax... its all very confusing... anyone with expereince of the john packer alto - they seem very good value (cheap) but are they worth buying or what... with warranty views please?!!
Hi There!

JP and BW and two very reliable firms who have put a good bit of effort in producing quality saxes - 2 of the best under £1000, and much better than some of the "cheaper" stuff that is around. John Packer are a well established firm - I bought a Tenor Trombone from them (JP231/Rath) which, at £365 is easily one of the best under £1000. These are all made under licence in Taiwan, and a lot of effort has gone into training up a skilled workforce under supervision. Just make sure you invest in a decent mouthpiece (Rico Graftonite and Yamaha and two very good cheapies at around £30). I would personally go BW if pushed but would be happy with either.

Kind regards
Hi there,
I borrowed a jp blues tenor from my saxophone teacher and it was lovely -much better than my rebranded selmer prelude -both in tone and stability round the G,
I bought several trumpet mutes for my sone at christmas and one of the chaps there was great - he demo'd just about there entire stock of mutes over the phone so I could decide what to buy!
I've never been in to the shop but plan to later in the year -I would have thought thr JP avery safe buy and they do the 0% take it away scheme there too which is always handy
good luck

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