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R & B, Blues, Soul John Mayall


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John Mayall's Bluesbreakers delivering what sounds like the template that Morphine subsequently based their sonud on... great groove... (one Johnny Almond on sax, not previously heard of him...)

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Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
This is a great album. Bought it when I was a kid.
John Mark and Johnny Almond became Mark Almond (no not him!!!) and had a couple of good albums out in the 70's 80's.
Well worth looking out for.
Thanks for the reminder Jules. I think I'll dig this one out and use my new USB deck to transfer it to mp3. Hope it's not scratched too badly.

Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
Have dug out the old vinyls and after some judicious cleaning have had a listen to Mayall and Mark Almond. Excellent.
You can get some of their music on Spotify. One of the tracks is up for the most depressing track of the twentieth century complete with teenage suicide and a dead tramp. Move over Leonard Cohen.
Johnny Almond played with Zoot Money's big band and Georgie Fames Blue Flames before joining Mayall,
ending up in the US as session musician.
The last track of The City is the one with the dead tramp if you want cheering up.
Happy New Year!


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Thanks for flagging this up Jules. Sounds as fresh today as it must have 40 years ago.
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