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John Higgs


Formerly known as "nachoman"
Ok, I’ve got one for this page. I’ve recently become fascinated by British author, John Higgs. Higgs describes himself as a social historian. I’d add a hugely knowledgeable, and very easily distractible one with an encyclopaedic and enormously eclectic palette.

So far I’ve tucked into “Stranger than you can Imagine- Making Sense of the 20th Century”, a whirlwind tour of Einstein, Advertising, Colonialism, Jack Parsons (look him up- a real life character who’s straight out of some work of pulp fiction), the Internet etc. All fascinating and with assorted asides into all aspects of culture which keep things light and provide a mesmerising backdrop.

Also- I’m half way through both “William Blake Now”, his extended essay on Blake as well as “Watling Street- Travels through Britain and its ever present Past”. Again both utterly engrossing and in his own words- “Like Bill Bryson with a more adventurous sense of what is interesting.”

His work is well worth acquainting oneself with…

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