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Rock & Pop Joe Cocker


ex Landrover Nut
Just north of Munich
How I love trawling youtube....

Just found this. One of the original rockers. Takes me back....

Some great sax work as well (e.g. in You can leave your hat on)

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Great video Kev, love Joe's band especialy the great Deric Dyer on Tenor with that great Strathon Adjustatone, what a sound!
You picked a good un there Kev, well done.
Rob.:welldone :welldone
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Hi Kev,
As a matter of interest Deric Dyer used to back Tina Turner in the mid eighties. Usually on his own but sometimes with that lovely boy Timmy Capello........ i know you like him! If i had my choice i'd go for Deric Dyer everytime. I'm pretty sure a lot of Tour's are on D.V.D, i've seen them on youtube.
Regards Rob.
At 46:37 you can see the Tenor player Uses a Strathon Adjustatone!
Hi Koen88,
Have you ever played a Strathon Adjustatone by any chance.?
Hi Koen88,
Have you ever played a Strathon Adjustatone by any chance.?
Sorry to gate crash that question but I have...:shocked:

When I bought it I would be great to have all the adjustments right there at your beckon call.
Then I found what was an optimum position for my liking and the thought of adjustment went out the window as all other positions just didn't seem quite right.
The next stage was, I actually decided I liked my sound on other pieces more and as I always found the quirky shape ugly I just fell out of love with it.

Now that said, this guys sounds great as does Richard Elliott and so did Tom Scott.
Always wondered what that mouthpiece was - I assumed the superstructure was in some way connected with the mike - but now I know.

It is a great DVD - I've had it for some years and always thought Dyer - and indeed the whole band - is awesome. I also love the way Dyer bashes away at various pots and pans when he's not blasting that tenor.

Speaking of Tina, I know he played with her but more recently she seems to use Euge Groove - catch the Wembley 2000 concert. He is also a serious player.
Kev ... What a blast down memory lane.....

Brings back memories of copping Henry McCulloch (if memory is right) licks off his first album til the grooves got worn.

And what a great cover of that great Randy Newman song. Mr. Dyer made that ole tenor squeal like the proverbial stuck pig on that one. Lovely solo.

Joe Cocker puts his all into every song.

Thanks so much for posting that.
Anyone know why the (in my view) inferior version by Tom Jones of You can leave your hat on was used in The Full Monty, rather than Cocker's? Since the film was about Sheffield and Joe is from Sheffield, it would have seemed logical . . . .
Maybe a copyright/usage issue? According to Wikipedia, the Tom Jones version was recorded especially for The Full Monty.

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