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I have noticed a few companies now offering a purpose-made C Mel mouthpiece - in particular Jody Jazz on the site. Has anyone tried them? Or any of the other C mel pieces like the Runyon? I have a King C Mel which sounds great with my Link ebonite tenor on the low notes, but struggles with the higher notes. Played with my Yani alto piece it has the opposite problem - great on the high notes. I am tempted by the Jody Jazz C mel but I can't get to easily from Devon and it would be taking a punt to buy one over the phone for £128!
I had a Windcraft which was OK (not great) and haven't played the Jody Jazz. I think that some of the JJ pieces are Runyon blanks, so that might be true for the C Mel.

What really helped my C Mel for tuning and tone was a Ralph Morgan C Melody mouthpiece. They have the Morgan at Howarths for £235 now, but I paid much, much less than that buying from JunkDude in the USA.

so that might be true for the C Mel.
Yes- the C Melody pieces are the same design as the alto or tenor classics- which are, in trun ,the same as Runyon customs... (though better finished in the majority of cases)
Top tip for an inexpensive but great C Mel mouthpiece. Buy a Rico Royal Metalite M7. Saw the end off - about 1cm, prefereably taken from the blunt end:thumb: There you have it, dirt cheap, highly effective C mel piece.

As an alternative course of action, buy a cheapo tenor 7 Sharkbite mouthpiece. Saw the end off, etc.

I've tried both these on my Conn C mel, and both worked far better than my 'proper' C mel mouthpiece, an Aquilasax metal.
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