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Jody Jazz Alto Classic mpc on ebay

Phil Edwards

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Not sure if I should have put this in the yard sale, but as it's not mine, and I'm just alerting others to its existence, maybe not...? Please feel free to move it Pete if it's in the wrong place.

Just spotted this on ebay, which could be a bargain. It's missing the baffle, but I have the same piece as this and I play with and without the baffle depending on mood, so it's not a big problem. I find it the most free-blowing and easiest piece I've got.

Anyway, if someone wanted to give one of these a try you could do far worse than keeping an eye on

As I say - there's NO CONNECTION TO ME, just thought I'd point it out.

regards, Phil


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Phil, you are a true gentleman, not the hustler that people thought you were.....;}:w00t:

I used to have one when I first started on Alto - it is quite a lively piece and would suit a more rock/blues like style rather than jazz in my opinion. I decided to go the Selmer Super Session, Vandoren V16 HR, Ponzol Vintage HR route, but it is a good piece - for "Baker Street" fans who want to be heard - free blowing and easy to play!

Kind regards

Still waiting until 10 so I can fire up the 3 button soprano....;} so killing time.
Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards

Senior Member
I do believe the one I currently is your old one. The chap who bought it didn't get on with it and sold it on. I've now got it and am currently using it on my 'practice' alto by way of a change - I usually play a Lomax Classic on this sax but felt like a change.


Might have to have a look at that, i currently use a metal otto link super master tone, but could do with a second non metal mouthpiece to pay around with!!!
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