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Jimmy Hastings

Bobby G

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Wonderful Welwyn Garden City, Herts
I love his playing, plain and simple (my love, not his playing). As well as his jazz playing, he's also worked with prog bands, mainly in the Canterbury scene, such as Caravan and Hatfield & The North. He was also a member of Humph's band and seems to be at home on any sax although his main horn is tenor, and he also plays beautiful flute. His album JimJams, recorded live, has some wonderful tunes on it - he zips about nicely on Blues in the Closet and This I Dig of Thee, plays some lovely flute on one or two latin-y tunes, but for me the standout tune is Oscar Pettiford's 'Two Little Pearls', a total lesson in playing with beautiful restraint and beautiful tone. Although it has a similar feel to the Getz version, for my money it's even better than Getz.

He is also quite approachable between sets, and is an utter gent, lovely bloke.


Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom
I totally second the motion that he's a fine chap. He works with the Nick Ross Orchestra when he's got nothing better to do, he'll be taking the solos on Friday in Hereford I imagine!
I will pass on your kind words!


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