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Jazzy Groove on the Soprano Sax! Check 'er out!

Micheal Murray

Senior Member
Hey guys! Heres just a little thing I was working on on Soprano sax :D Have a listen if you wish and feel free to post comments!


DeadAudiolink Removed
Hey Micheal, enjoyed everything from 1:02 onwards the effects at the begining didn't do it for me. You have a really good soprano tone. Nice one.

Hiya Micheal - had a lovely listen and added a comment, plus a 'follow' link (gee had to sign up for something else to do it!)

I have my first soprano being delivered on Wednesday, so you've given me something to aim for now.


Nice and quirky. Kept waiting for you to "break free" which didn't happen. Also very limited range being played with a few flourishes that didn't quite click. As you say it's just a groove which you got well into. Now expand.

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