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I'm looking for a decent beginner book to work through that preferably has some jazzy tunes in it and wondered if anyone had any recommendations ?

I'm currently working through 80 Graded Studies for Saxophone (just past half way in book 1). I'm finding it useful but a bit boring to play and looking for something along the same lines that could compliment this. A book that increases (but starts easyish) in difficulty would also be nice.
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You're about the same level as myself by the sound of things. Have a look at John O'Neills Jazz Method For Saxophone. You can ignore all the "this is how you finger the notes" stuff at the beginning 'cos you already know that. The book does gather pace very quickly, especially if you are new to improvising like what I is. PS it comes in alto and tenor versions, so check you've ordered the right one if it tickles your fancy.
Some searching and I see this book is well recommended on this forum, having had a preview of the contents it does look like just the thing I'm after (ordered)
I'd also give a major recommendation for the "Creative Saxophone" series by Kellie Santin and Cheryl Clark, which has 4 books, all including CD's for both Alto & Tenor Sax - Creative Saxophone (CS), CS Duets, CS Improvising and CS Workbook. The first should be good to start on - the Improvising book contains a number of pieces from Grades 6 to 8 in Trinity/Guildhall and London College of Music Jazz Grades. These and John O'Neill were my favourites for starting off as an adult player.
I think I have the Creative Saxophone book, but have given it away because it was too easy. I've only played the sax for 9 months or so, but have a pretty strong musical background with other instruments, so I wasn't a complete beginner even when I started playing the sax in that sense. CS Improvising on the other hand suits my level.

I don't have O'Neill's saxophone book, but I have his Jazz Method for Trumpet, and while in my opinion it could include more on embouchure and tone production, the songs (mostly his own, but a dozen or so jazz classics there too) are very nice to play along. Often the play-along songs in method books are very uninteresting, but O'Neill's written some very good ones for the book.
Cjr, I'm going to give you a different idea to everyone else. Get copy of the realbook and learn some jazz tunes. A decent beginner should be able to read a lot of the old Ballads. Let your tutor give you saxophone exercises to work on. Or get one of Pete Thomas's 'Taming the saxophone ' books. You will learn more playing real music, there are loads of backing tracks out there for something to play along with.
Yes yes yes to Creative saxophone. I use the Improv book with my students all the time and its really good. I personally didnt get on with John O Neill but its a nice idea. I love the Bob Mintzer books and he has done an Easy edition which has some nice etudes and he demos them really nicely. If youre an alto player then try Jazz conception by Jim Snidero. Again Etudes with great demo. Both these books are reasonably progressive. If you try to copy these guys and sound just 1% like them then thats a good thing in my mind!

Also having a real book would be useful and will set you up for life!


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