Jazz Sax & Guitar - Stereo mic demo from Kel Audio


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I’m not sure where to place this thread so I hope here is okay.

Nearly every month I buy a copy of Sound on Sound (Music Recording Magazine) and this month noticed a new mic company I’d not heard of before, Kel Audio, and so I wondered over to their website to see what they did.

On their Sound Clips page they have a nice stereo recording of a saxophone and guitar. If you have a pair of headphones lying around put them on because the stereo imaging is really nice.

HM-1 on Jazz Sax and Nylon String Guitar

The details from their website:
Stereo pair of HM-1s on each instrument, roughly 2 feet straight out from the guitar and three feet from the sax.
It's making me want to play around with stereo recording of my sax now.

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