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Wasuup evrybody!

I was wondering if you guys would give me some advice for my process of looking for jazz programs in colleges or conservatories in the US. I am a freshman at a music school in Nashville, but right now, I feel like I am not in the right place. I want to be somewhere where I can constantly get my ass kicked by kids that are better than me. I want to be somewhere where the scene is as well. Nashville has a great music scene, but not exactly for the genre that I am trying to explore (cutting edge jazzy funk with appeal to people who aren't musicians but with the technical aspect that attracts musicians). As of now, I am guessing that the place to be is in New York City, but I wanted to get your guy's opinion and see if anyone out there has advice for me. I would really appriciate any comments information that you could give me!
Thanks so much

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I was just listening to an interview on NPR radio. I was still in bed only half-awake, so I don't remember the show or even who was being interviewed. But I do remember the content of the interview to some degree. The guy who was being interviewed plays jazz in New Orleans and he was saying that jazz is far from dead in New Orleans. He claims that it's growing in new directions and it's quite alive and dynamic with new people coming into the scene all the time.

I have no clue how good this information is, but it might be something worth looking into if you're interested in cutting edge jazzy funk. New Orleans was always good at that historically, so they could end up being the center for it again. Who knows?

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