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I have a Jazz Lab Deflector for sale. It is in as-new condition in the original box. Truthfully I hardly used it at all. I bought it on a whim, and it does do what it says, but I found that playing facing a wall or a corner at home as I had always done was better for my ears. It has an opening in it for a clip-on mike to protrude through but other than one time I never took it when I played on stage. With my mic and cables etc I had too much gear to schlep and deal with already.

This goes for 38 € on Amazon here, so I'm asking 28€ + postage via parcel post from Barcelona.
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Jazz Is All

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Barcelona, Spain
I started bass clarinet a few months ago for the same reasons and changing the registers is still a challenge
From what I gather it takes quite a while to get over the break without having the flock of geese attack you. It's all voicing and embouchure and if you ever thought that was hard on any size sax they're a cake-walk compared to this beast. It is so squirrelly that the least amount of air in the wrong direction or at the wrong speed sets the goose to squawking. And I'm not even talking about dealing with the registers that aren't an octave like every sax. I can see that if I had begun with clarinet at 20 like I did with sax I would not have continued at all. It's a ball buster IMHO, but I love the sound of it so I'm persevering. Check back in 6 months and see if I still feel this way. LOL


Black Forest
I already have a couple of them. I really think these are worth it. Maybe my walls are not as cooperative as @Jazz Is All 's ... ;)
Where they really help is on stage with a loud band when you are the only player without a monitor and have to rely on the PA only. That's one of the reasons to pick a far left or right spot if the stage is recessed, you can always turn a little bit but with the reflector, it takes that problem out of the equation. And if you are not loud enough, tell the rest to bring it down. And if they don't, stop playing until they do.

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