Jazz Imrovisation Workshop for Frontline

Pete C

Hi all, haven't posted for a while. Following the successful jazz sax workshop at the Exeter Phoenix in June, I will be running another on Sunday 1st November at the same venue. Once again it will culminate in an evening performance in the bar with a pro rhythm section. People loved this last time. I am hoping that the performance will also feature in the Exeter Autumn Festival programme. This time the workshop is also open to brass players. More details on my website at www.petecanter.com Cheers, Pete

old git

Tremendous Bore
Wonder if you would be kind enough to allow the full eighteen piece, CaSLM Swanee Whistle/Kazoo Orchestra to attend your improvisation workshop?
We'd like them trained to provide sleep inducing improvisations on "When It's Sleepy Time Down South".
We used to finish our OAP Club concerts with "Irene, Goodnight" and as they sat there snoozing, make a collection for the CaSLM Charity for Distressed Musicians. Since our Baritone Swanee Whistle player has been taking lessons from your good self, he has developed a raunchy, honking solo that wakes them up again, greatly reducing the Charity Income.
As a Charity, we will be willing to accept your expected kind offer of free tuition, travel and Bed and Breakfast and will be keen to test the results at the end of the evening session.

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