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Jazz Grade 2

Mister Levity

Senior Member
Passed my ABRSM Jazz Grade 2 ( on Tenor) yesterday almost 2 years to the day I started playing. I scored a Distinction (134) which I'm still struggling to believe
I would like to thank my tutor David Bowdler for helping me to get to this point from being a complete beginner.

Better start practicing for grade 3 now.:)
Well done:welldone

and good luck with grade 3

May I be the first to congratulate you!! EDIT - okay so I'm not the first after all as Jeanette snook in while I was typing my missive lol

I admire you for doing this and with such a great score too!

I'm in a dilemma myself as to whether to take the exams, or simply enjoy the route through the grades without taking the actual exams (it IS rather expensive and I'm unsure what value it will give me in return?).

Anyway, that's my story and this thread is about you and a very well deserved pat on the back!! Well done!! :welldone

Well done Mister :)

Onwards and upwards
Hi Trimmy

We A57'ers have to stick together eh? (she begs)

I was wondering, looking at your Avatar - I have my fedora/pork pie hat, but it doesn't seem to make me play any better. It is brand new, so would you please let me know if there is some special tuning or ritualistic adjustment I can do so that my sax playing improves accordingly? It is a lovely shade of maroon, so perhaps the colour is the problem?

I've tried the Jule's "Brian Ferry' flick, and that hasn't worked for me either. At the moment, I'm sporting a very thick, scraggy hair look, which really gets irritating in a hot room.

Sunglasses doesn't work for me, as I don't have them on prescription, and I can't see where I'm going without my varifocals

I'm beginning to believe I shall just be one of those folk who can't do 'cool'! :(

(just playing chaps, so no offences to be taken please!)

Mel >:)
Good on yer Bluey.
Join the club! Congratulations! Which tunes did you play? ( I played Wanderlust, Song for my Father & For Turiya on Alto Sax). Good luck with Grade 3. Only 3 grades to go!
Thanks for the congrats from everyone.
MellowD, you should go for it.I found it really gave me a focus,it made me learn the scales, improved my sight reading and took my improvisation to another level.
Tom, I played Second Shot, I'm and old cowhand and Nostalgia
Really well done and congratulations.

Are you going straight on to grade 3 and have you chosen your tunes for that yet ?

Thanks Rhys,I'm probably going to leave it until next year before starting on grade 3.
Main thing I want to do now is find some people to play with, if anyone knows of any good jam nights can they let me know.

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