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Jazz Academy Winter 2011


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Just back from the Winter Jazz course and I must say it was a blast. On the positive side, I learnt alot about what I need to learn to move forward towards my goals of being a musician. The talent among the students there is mind boggling, and shows how much one can achieve with dedication and time.

Over the course of the day, we would have sessions with respective instrument instructors, a talk at noon about music by our teachers, meeting with the ensemble groups to figure out stuff to play, and there was some open time in the PM to arrange one to one sessions with various instructors on a variety of subjects, or practice with ensembles etc etc. then dinner.

At the end of every day, we had to get together with individual ensemble groups to improvise over various standards. While I'm no stranger to speaking to a large audience, playing to a room filled with experienced musicians with experience far beyond mine is quite scary yet thrilling.

To finish, I found the accommodations and food top notch - though if you are doing the winter jazz course and taking public transport, please book a taxi in advance. The teachers are simply stunning greats, and very approachable.

Can't make next year's courses due to work/personal schedules, but will definitely be up in 2013.

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