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Me and my old Sax Teacher (Tommy Moran) sat all nite with Jame's Moody and his wife when he played the now shut down Cellar Club in South Shield's year's ago.He was so funny and laughed all nite and was so down to earth.He was so up beat and the passion just glowed from him.He told us many story's of Charlie Parker and when he went with John Coltrane to get his 1st Soprano sax.He signed my poster and wrote ,Dave ,learn SAX,FLUTE,PIANO,CLARINET,i wish i had the time and i would have.He played like a young buck that nite,great Be Bop player and a true gent he was to us.Total special nite and i will never forget it.

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The best reading ever of 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square' under five minutes in and to also see a youngish Humph, get the Getz. Did we really look like the audience?

Just noticed, deflation is over and inflationary times have returned. The 625 system has been increased in thread title. :)

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Ah. I thought perhaps 626 was an HD system with an extra line, back in the 1960s, that only rich people like OG could receive. Just like HD now.

Just out of interest I went to a lecture last week about the new digital terrestrial TV Mark 2 system (DVB T2) that will start to be available gradually as standard freeview from later this year. While ultimately like all digital signals it still suffers from the "digital cliff" - ie the signal is either there or it isn't, it has lots of whizzy technical features that means it is far more resilient to clicking thermostats and motor bikes passing than the present system and will not fall over anything like as quickly. :welldone

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