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jaro new alto sax feb 2012


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Hi there
have been on here before when I first got my sax.Got some good advice.... but now got another problem.
when I fist got it problem with hitting bottom d got past that after advice on here. recently had flu and chest infection so have not played for three weeks .Just started back and am struggling to sound as good as I was !
Some notes sound very woolly if you know what I mean.Can hit high notes better even f sharp! Also reeds keep splitting on reeds with beginners sax no 2 do I need to change reed or am I just using this as an excuse !!!!
any advise welcom:confused:

old git

Tremendous Bore
Welcome to the caff© agin, jaro.

Reading your other post, suggest you stop smoking Pirate's **** in the pipe. Otherwise, physician, heal thyself>:) and stop worrying, all saxophonists die young.:)


Justin Chune

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Your sound will return, don't worry. It does take some time to recover from a chest infection so take it easy and don't over do it. Have fun.

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