Jan Garbarek at the Sage lastnite,WOW

Saw Jan the man lastnite at the Sage in Gateshead,It was a total perfect gig.Pure tour de force from him and the band.Less is more and if you ever need a sax lesson in less is more go and see him.He makes 1 note count like no 1 else on the planet for me.Andy Sheppard also plays like this now.Who needs a thousand notes when 1 from these guys can make ya cry or smile.This was stellar playing as high as it gets.In the zone is not enough for what happened lastnite.I am playing the now world known Sage next week only problem i am playing a wedding gig but to no i am playing in the same place a week after my idol brings a big smile to my big fat head.:D
Just bought the "Rites" cd this afternoon after listening to him on utube.
Thank you for pointing me in his direction:)
Yes enjoy the CD.He's my fave player.He takes the music some place else for me.1 gifted human being.The worlds best jazz piano player Keith Jarret picked him to play with him years ago for a good reason.Jan is the man:welldone
Sounds like a good night Dave, just blows you away when someone has the gift and power to do that doesn't it?

Sounds like a good night Dave, just blows you away when someone has the gift and power to do that doesn't it?


Those are special times.To see the joy and creative force at work is amazing.And a lesson on dynamics and sound were at force.His soprano tone,holy cow:shocked:the same when i have seen Brecker twice years ago,once his own band and once with Mcoy Tyner,his tenor sound just had me stunned.I have seen Sonny Rollins twice over the years and both times i could not stop smiling and laughing,his playing and sneaky little phrase's and just going off on 1 had me feeling great,so lucky to be there in his presence.The word Stellar players is not enough for these guy's.:welldone
Wish I'd been there!

He is also one of my favourites. I saw him live when he came to NZ a few years ago.
They played in the Wellington Town Hall for over 3 hours without introducing one song...infact he never even spoke.
His lady was on drums (a large hanging collection, which took up half the stage) and was equally impressive.

but as you say his horn shure does talk!

Apparently in his younger days he was heavily into Coltrane and sounded that way.

I love the "Officuim" and "Visible World" CD's

Less is always more, cause you can get more feeling & heart into it...eh!

..and at the Barbican, London

A slightly different feel to this concert than last time I saw him in 2007. More "trancy". The percussionist was fantastically original; the interaction between him and the pianist was great throughout. Garbarek played, of course, beautifully. The only downside was that they stopped!

For the Garbarekoraks: he played into a mic connected (I think) to a small notebook computer at the back of the stage, which I think was running his effects programs. I believe, just from listening and with no expert knowledge, that the main effect he uses is simple reverb, sometimes altering a parameter or the amount of signal sent by a footpedal. He occasionally changed programs betwen songs. One or two had a delay (i.e. echo) as well as reverb, but I don't believe there is anything more complicated. Having said that there is most likely some EQ, over and above what the sound-man does, to achieve consistency of sound from venue to venue. One rather subtle possibility is the use of multi-band compression. As Garbarek is the most dynamic of players this may seem odd, but I have a fancy that compression kicks in on the higher sounds of the soprano sax to clarify the sound a little, but perhaps I'm just looking for things.

A fabulous gig anyway.


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