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Jack McVea


Torrington, Devon
Does anyone know where I can get any sheet music/charts for Jack McVea music?


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I just found Jack McVea's "Open the door Richard".

When we are talking of the roots to R&B, and later Rock 'n' Roll, Jack McVea is one of the frontmen. His combos Jack McVea and his All Stars and Jack McVea and His Door Openers are the heritage of Rock & Roll. Together with bands like Joe Liggins and the Honeydrippers, Paul Wiiliams and Tiny Grimes, Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five ... R&B and Rock ' Roll was grounded. Lot's of nice wailing saxes in these bands!

Jack McVea was also playing baritone sax on Lionel Hampton's recording "Flying Home".

"Here 's an album of vintage rhythm and blues by a man who helped found the idiom. Jack McVea formed a R&B combo in 1943, making him one of the first people anywhere to do so. From a 1946 recording session came "OPEN THE DOOR RICHARD!", one of the monster hits of that year and a song which was covered by the likes of Count Basie, Louis Jordlin, Hank Penny, the Three Flames, and so many more in varied styles of music.

Jack 's session work contrlbuted to the greatness of many sides including some memorable discs by T-Bone Walker, Wynonie Harris, and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Throughout the '50s and '60s, Jack maintained an active performance schedule, and today is one of the few from the rhythm and blues fraternity who can still derive monetary sustenance from music."
(Taken from the LP "Open The Door Richard!" (Juke Box Lil Records, JB-607), written by Greg Drust,1981).

Jack McVea passed away in 2000.


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