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For Sale IVL Pitchrider Live Audio to MIDI converter box

Pete Thomas

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You don't see many of these around

You can use it live or in the studio to track your audio output and convert live audio to MIDI, so for example on a gig you can play the saxophone and hook up to a MIDI sound module and have a trumpet/trombone play along for instant horn section. Kind of turns your saxophone into a wind controller.

One caveat is that there is some latency so higher notes work best and are tolerable IMO, low notes have too much latency. I used it on gigs and found the latency was OK, for instance playing high up on saxophone was fine for adding a horn section, lower did also worked but but when I was adding some lush string sound to a ballad and can actually be used creatively, as a sort of pre-delay effect.

With high sound levels you need a pickup in preference to a MIC.

You also need to play quite accurately,playing too out of tune can do odd things, However it has a pitch bend mode that can be very cool, ie you choose whether to bend with the note or note. Without it you can get a sort of autotune effect. Big vibrato can do strange things though.

Courtney Pine used to use one these, and he commented on the fact it made you play accurately.

Original power supply is gone, so included is a Maplins all purpose one that works (has had the low voltage wires joined together at one place, see photos). If you atre buying this for overseas you'd need to get an adaptor for your country)

Similar one here, for a lot more but a later model and with pedal

Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

Chief of Stuff
Commercial Café Supporter
Price drop tom £70

This is a very cool (and rare) piece of kit.
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