I've joined this New Sax video/forum in USA.


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Out in the Countryside of Nelson NZ
Hi everyone,
You may have noticed I haven't been posting much lately, what with the New Mac computer and also I joined a paid, monthly saxophone teaching site with lots of video lessons. It also has a closed forum. (90 members approx)
I decided to join this for a while to see how I go...the monthly fee is less than if I had a sax lesson with my teacher here in NZ. So what (great tune that) have I got to loose!

Joined 4th July so it's early days, and I am very excited about this site, I do recommend this site by Bob Reynolds here is the Link. He does have some free content for you to view!


I have been practising with a drummer locally hoping to get good enough to form a duo but this has been going nowhere due to my lack of being able to improvise and play though the changes.

So this new forum has given me new heart and directions that I can see great things happening, but only if I put the real work in!

Please check this one out....I think it's the best oppertunity for me to take off and get into playing music with fun and passion. I hope you also see oppertunity for you!

PM me if you have any questions or just reply in the usual manner.

Worth a looksee.

So far the only negative thing for me is that I've had to bump up my broadband allowance as I used my monthy allocation in one week!

Cheers & Ciao
So ... we haven't lost you... We are only sharing you...
Good luck with it..:thumb:
You just haven't been the same since you saw Sonny Rollins >:)

Hi Jimu

Good to hear from you again. Good luck with the online lessons. Let us know how you get on and good luck with the drummer. (Have you got a cattle prod?).

Thanks Guys, Yup haven't been the same since Sonny Rollins, Will keep you posted on improvements tho in relation to my playing and "the drummer".....well he's actually using the prod on me!

Don't worry I'm certainly not bowing out of Cafe Sax, just recharging myself!

Which reminds me...... Mac computer big learning curve...then I download Lion the new operating system...another big learning curve.....seem like that's all there is at the moment....Good Eh!

Cheers & Ciao


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