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I've been busy writing a variety of pieces......


Derbyshire, UK

I've been doing a lot of composing lately, and luckily my teacher has excellent recording equipment. I've been composing for under 2 years and have recently begun to stretch my boundaries a little by writing in different styles (although I draw the line at contemporary music, I obviously don't have the wisdom to appreciate such music!). My style is mainly ambient / chilled, but as you will see, there are some humorous pieces, pieces for educational learning, and jazzy stuff too.

Any feedback is welcome...good or bad....i'm eager to learn and improve!

There are about 15 pieces to listen to here;
First off you've acquired such a lovely tone in all three woodwinds. I think they're just wonderful!
The music is not my cup of tea but that's just a personal thing. Music has to mean something for the individual who is writing it.
I could easily feel your passion in your music which is quite lovely indeed.
I say just keep doing what your heart is telling you to do and naturally you'll continually find happiness in your art.

Best of luck to you!

I haven't listened to them all yet but I am loving them so far

Any chance of releasing some backing tracks without the sax and some sheet music

I second Mamos's sentiment! WOW. Funnily enough, I too haven't listened to them all. I'm listening to "Lament" as I write and I cant wait to hear the rest. Beautifully played. Your passion flows through the flute, I can almost feel your emotion.
Fuerza Tranquila (Milonga) has just started and again I'm transfixed!
Thanks so much for the lovely lovely comments, and I'm so glad people can hear the emotion through the music. For me writing is pure joy and release and I LOVE doing it, but also love looking to improve, so onwards and upwards i'm hoping!
I can sense some Einaudi influence in some pieces, would I be right? Whether or not, it's really lovely writing and playing,

regards, Phil

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