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It's theft... but not as we know it

half diminished

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Next time you're presented with an opportunity to 'lift' something you don't own just because it's 'up for grabs' - don't worry. Apparently it's OK as long as you leave a little note.

My neighbour's always leaving his back door open. Just gonna pop in there to see if there's anything a t-leaf might have away. Back in a mo! >:)


I can see where this will lead ... once the average ASBO-enhanced hoodie nutter cottons on ...

"Dear oo-ever-yoo-iz, yer mowtur was sittin' dare lookin' all lonelysome and untended-like an' me an' de bruvvers woz finkin' sum 1 cood nick it so, 2 B on de saifside, we took itt awaye to put itt sumwear sekkure arfter givin' it a bit-of-a-spin raand to maik shure it still werked proper. So azzyU don't fink wee av-dunna-runna-wivvit wee can tel U that we wil leave it somewhere in dissere-nay-bore-ood wiv awl its weels anat sew U can find it easy wen U wont it bak. ps. you mite need a new bit of winndowe glars like 4D frunt driver-sighed wot got broke wen 1 of de bruvvers ferst dun de reskue-biz wiv 'is bent cote-anger wot did not werk kwite rite nishilly"
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