It Don't Mean a Thing...


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I thought I would post this version. It was something of a shock playing at quicker tempos>:) It wandered off every now and then but was fun to do..No "Kleenex" required:)..

"It Don't Mean a Thing"

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Great Chris, you are really keeping the sound clips thread alive and kicking. The BT reminds me of those Hot Club of Paris rec. Happy Music. :thumb:
I think it's because Davey and Colin have gone on a go slow. Someone has to keep posting>:).
BiaB has some good 'gypsy' style instruments to put tracks together.:)
I think speed is a mind set. If you think one note at a time that's how you'll play. I like to think of strumming chords with the saxophone or playing phrases. That way one bar becomes one thought. You can extend a phrase to cover as many bars as you like. This one works well with four bar phrases. It's more about rhythm than harmony. because, it don't mean
I feel like dancing now

Where's my dancer gone :headscratch:

edit: back for now :)
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