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Recording Is zoom h2n good for recording home backing tracks and gigs


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Frankston Victoria Australia
Hi guys
Im considering buy a zoom H2n mic/recorder to record myself for BOTM
Does any one else use one ?/
Are they any good for recording at home or elsewhere., ect??????
I see a lot of potential for using it at venues .
I welcome your feedback
Hello Allan, I bought one recently. I should have got one earlier. Excellent recording quality and far superior to my PC soundcard. All the nice things people say about them is true in my experience. The accessory pack is a worthwhile investment too, unless you have the bits already from other gear. Mine gets used daily and I don't regret buying it one bit.
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As the owner of an H2 that is now out on permanent loan, good bit of kit and usable as an USB microphone too. But if you want to save a bit of cash or send your saving to me, suggest you have a look at Richer Sounds, Tascam, a brand known amongst recording types, DR05 at £79-95. Not sure if it does all the the Zoom does but do you need all the bells and whistles?

Apologies for being serious.
I have had a zoom H2 for a couple of years. Very easy to use, and great sound recording. I have used it at home, but also at Dave's StaxofSax workshops to record the whole group. Either way, it all sounds wonderful to me.

Also my daughter used it to record some practical music lessons to transcribe for her English language A-level. It seemed to pick up the voice parts of the lesson equally as well as the instrument playing parts.

I believe the H2n resolves some of the battery life concerns that the H2 has.
Because I'm a gadget freak, I'm going to get one of these!! I don't need one but you all say such good things I feel I must. I really need a Gadgets Anonymous support group for the sake of my bank balance if nothing else!
My son has recorded me playing today and I found it really useful but I dont understand all of his recording setup, so I was thinking it would be handy to be able to record myself to measure my progess.
I have been reading up on the Zoom H2n and it sounds great but I wondered if I can use it to record myself playing along to backing tracks?
any advise very gratefully recieved.
Hi Jobylou there was quite a bit of info on this a few months ago quite a few people had them and were really happy with them I tried to find the thread no luck though but i'm sure someone with a better memory will point you in the right direction.
Yes its a great recording device.Will do you proud.Plenty of posts on here with info but there really a very simple thing to use with fantastic results.
I have one myself.... can connect on the computer and record with Audacity.
I also have the IrealB on my IPad and put the backing tracks to play on my speaker, put the mic on the center and play the sax on the other side.... it records fairly (i believe)...
Too late now, but yes! I have a Zoom H2 and it is constantly in use in our house.
I've just switched mine from recording .WAV to recording .MP3 and I can now record up to 34 hours non stop onto the SD card....if I really wanted to!

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