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Ligatures Is this the Graal ok f Ligatures?


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Have you read this?

A bit pricey for me and to be honest, I find that it looks clunky. I like it simple. This is way too much, even if the result is satisfying... Is there even a market for it at this price point?
It looks ridiculous, the quantity of packaging/merchandising is frankly offensive and the price is ludicrous. A ligature which requires another tool, a screwdriver, to be attached, rather than the traditional Mk1 finger and thumb, is just daft. It's a product looking for a market which really doesn't exist.
Too ugly and stupidly expensive, you can do a lot of good with $450, buy a lot of food, pay some of your lecky bills, buy at least ten other ligs, take some time off work and practice. For something that price I would expect it to make me sound so fabulous that people would fall over at the beauty of it. And I still wouldn't want that bleb in front of me while I played.

Apparently people are buying them, these are people who thrive on being mocked.
Ergonomics/looks aside, is this truly the first ligature deliberately designed to increase sympathetic vibration? It's certainly an interesting idea (Klangbogen /Tone Tablet come to mind). Whether it makes a perceivable difference to the listener is debatable -but if it makes the player feel different about their instrument, then what's the harm.

Reading the blurb -you do not need any tools to fit and adjust the ligature for normal playing -only for initial fitting and big adjustments such as changing pressure plates etc.
Steve Neff had to be persuaded to review it as he knew he was in danger of being severely trashed if he said positive things. That’s why his review is so measured.

I have a great deal of respect for him and I think he turned in a sterling review that praises where he thinks it’s merited and adds enough caveats as modifiers. I don’t doubt that it works well and is precision made, I don’t doubt it can make your sound different, different ligs have subtle differences as does, as Steve mentions, putting the reed on differently. I had just that experience yesterday when I tried an old a loved lig that doesn’t quite fit and, don’t you know, it sounded better than my regular one, I switched back and the regular one sounded just the same. Placement of reed methinks.

Apart from the obscene price it’s all the jargon and faux scientific guff that they peddle in justification that puts me off, but it’s the price and ugliness that gets me the most.
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I don't need a smart ligature for that, just a smart design of the MPC

Try a cotton strap. Honestly. I need 120 cm of length. There are videos how to use them. It only takes 30 seconds with a bit of practice. I tried a lot of ligatures. Cotton strap it best closely followed by a tight ring of 3 or 4 layers of kinesiology tape with the sticky side inside. It is like a wide rubber band. Both work far better than more expensive ligatures I tried and they do not leave any scratches on your mouthpiece. There is absolutely no need to spend more money.
I forgot I even posted this. But I noticed a typo in the title...

I rechecked it and still find it ridiculous...

Just the opposite of 'keep it simple ' and at a price that scares most of us!
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