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PPT Mouthpieces

Is This Normal?

So I play alto, tenor, and bari.

Here's the funny thing:
On alto and tenor, I use a size 2.5.
On bari I use a 5.

Is this normal? I like the feeling of the softer reeds on alto and tenor and I feel like it's controlled very well, but I feel much more in control when I use a hard reed on bari.

Just one of those funny things :D


Seattle, WA
Is there a big difference in the mouthpiece opening size for those instruments? That plays a part more than the kind of sax that is me thinks.

Nick Wyver

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I used to play 5s on bari. Then I got a decent mouthpiece and I'm back to 3M, same as tenor.

But it does seem to be the case that, given mouthpieces with the same designation, you'll probably use a harder reed on bari than on the other three. I've no idea why.
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