Is this a record?


Enfield, North London
Nope, where I come from a record is a flattish black thing with a circular printed label near the middle and a hole in the centre.

Generally I like them.
Often they have cardboard covers with pictures and useful information.

Over the years they have proved very useful for filling shelves and collecting dust.
They perform this function without any maintenance whatsoever.
In fact I have several hundred that have provided this vital service without me having to touch them for years on end.

What a labour-saving bargain they turned out to be.

Pete Thomas

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McLean, Virginia
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I'd guess either has posted in the last 3 months - or has posted since registering....
It's fairly meaningless sad to say as this is a forum admin defined setting that stipulates any number of days in which a user makes a post to be shown as "active". Before it was set to something like 7 days, then I reset to 200 days, but I just reduced it to 30 days which seems am more reasonable gauge of active members so the number will drop now.
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