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is there a video site i can see a flute being stripped down


peterborough uk
Hi i am just about to start to take apart a flute but i am still not sure were i start. does anyone know of a website were i could see a flute being taken apart. Also does anyone have an old sax that is beyond repair but still has all the keys ect so i can practice taking apart. I would pay postage of course thank you Tom.

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Tremendous Bore
Not sure if there is anything that could be called a standard flute from the construction point of view. Two particular points,
1) Some Pearl flutes are pin less, most others flutes aren't, although not too sure what that entails.
2) Pads are quite frequently held in by a screw rather than floated on shellac, so need to be carefully shimmed with paper to seal properly.

How do I know? Had the pleasure of watching and talking to Ian at Myall's and there aint much better than that in the flute world. Griff shares the workshop when he is in town, so two superb workman together.

Good luck in your search.

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