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Thanks for the tip Johnboy (in another thread) about the paid-for services, which I am aware of. The problem with proxy servers seems to be that the BBC wastes licence-payers money on employing people to stop a few people abroad watching their programmes on the internet! So I believe that they make great efforts to block the IP addresses of the well-known proxy servers.

As a result the publicly-known proxy servers may not be a good solution - especially if you have paid a fee to use one.

The solution that I have found utilises "donor" PCs owned by individuals all over the world. The real purpose of the system is to keep your own IP address secret from any snooper, and the IP address changes with each connection.

The programme is configured to use an IP address from any country, so, as-is, is not the solution to the BBC block. By writing a single line of code into the config file, though, it is possible to filter out all IPs other than those from the UK, which therefore fools the BBC software into thinking you are in the UK.

And it works very well indeed. And is free. Even better to an old skinflint like me. I won't be able to buy a BW and pay for a proxy server!

If you are interested find out at Even if you don't want TV iPlayer, it makes interesting reading for IT bods!


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Been looking for a decent streaming service to watch UK TV abroad for several months & all I found was software with largely non-English channel selections, most channels not working, poor quality or glitchy when they do & very slow buffer times. Finally found a site that was perfect in every way (with the full Sky package for a tenner) that I'm sure will interest all ex-pats. Free 15 minute preview from here so you can decide for yourselves:

Will save you a great deal of messing about with proxys, VPN connections & the like. & that's if you're extremely lucky & happen to find a worthwhile streaming service, which are few & far between. Plays in near-perfect quality through my 42" plasma via HDMI also.

Hope it's of benefit.
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