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BBC Radio 4 Jazz in the Open Air, Tuesday 13th, 1:30-2:00pm.

Tom, keep your hand on the volume control as some of it is a New Orleans funeral march, just as I had to as part of it pays homage to the American Marching Band. ;}

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An interesting skim over jazz outdoors and some of the difficulties. I can understand why Bobby McFerrrin found it not to his liking.

It illustrated the ubiquity of the early New Orleans bands including as we discussed elsewhere recently, the religious element. Marching bands aren't to my taste either, but again, it shows a tradition that is (was?) largely absent in UK. When I started at secondary school the orchestra was a scratchy strings thing. | was very fortunate to start playing trumpet when our far-seeing music master decided to have a brass section. It developed separately too, to the classical orchestra. However, we never came anywhere near the kind of marching band standard that American high schools reach. Our best player was Salvation Army trained.

The prog gave prominence to Ellington's legendary Diminuendo and Crescendo performance. I guess the clips they played were from the 1990s re-mastering, as Paul Gonsalves is much clearer than on the original vinyl (and which cut out several chorusses so as to get it all on one side of an LP). BTW the 1939 Count Basie Randall's Island performance was supposed to have been great too. There are stills and tantalising film of Lester Young on his feet soloing, but unfortunately there's no sound track.

And it was good to have mention of Sonny Rollins' solo performances on the bridge. All just goes to show that the outdoor tradition carried through.
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