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I use an Iphone app called Cleartone - for tuneing my Saxophones - Are there other apps out there that some of you use to assist your playing?


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I use Cleartone too and it's good - I find you have to get the right damping setting or the needle flies about too much.

I also use:
  • Tempo - a really good metronome app
  • Pitch primer - a slightly different take on intonation training which records your pitch, shows a graph of how it varies over time and also corrects the pitch to play back what it should have been
  • Play by Ear - good for teaching interval recognition
  • Shazam - supposed to recognise recorded tunes from fragments
  • iReal book - a pretty amazing app for backing tracks (slightly mechanical) for hundreds of well-known jazz tunes, with the ability to transpose, change tempo and feel etc
  • Train Times - gets you to that gig on time

I'll be interested to hear what other people suggest.



ireal book is probably the best app around for me. I'm typing in loads of the tunes I play and it is a great help with practising. I also have iGigbook, pdf sheet music setlist maker and music notes. none of which I have managed either to figure out or find a use for. Nor, in a a continuing flush of enthusiasm with my new iPad have I used the three metronome apps I bought, although Pocket Piano is quite fun and a friend of mine has an Ocarina app that you play by blowing into the mic on you iPhone.
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