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Interesting Tenor Mouthpiece.....


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi Folks!

I recently acquired a "Bilger-Morgan School Model" HR Tenor Mouthpiece and want to rehouse it in a good home.

The Mouthpiece was made in the US in the late 1980's and handfinished by the late Ralph Morgan. His firm had gone into partnership with David Bilger, a famous American Lead Tenor Sax player, and 2 of models that they made in the 1980's were the "School Model" and the "Pro Model' (this info is direct from one of Ralph Morgans employees of 25 years, Erik Grieffenhagen, who now produces both current Morgan mouthpieces as well as Mouthpiece Cafe mouthpieces along with Brian Powell).

The Mouthpiece has a 0.085" tip opening - the equivalent of a Link 5*/Selmer E/Yanagisawa 6. It is an ideal Beginner mouthpiece and is UNPLAYED. It is in spotless condition and comes in its original packaging. Its current equivalent is the Morgan Protone, which is very hard to source.

PRICE - £45.00 inc.shipping and 5% to Pete's charity. It's tone is warm and on the mellower side.

PM me with any queries.
Kind regardds
Unplayed? Weren't you even curious?

I might have been...................................;} I have play tested it, and it sounds very good indeed - I started learning on a Yanagisawa HR 6, and quickly moved on to a Vandoren Java. I would have loved to have had this as a starter mouthpiece, though. It was not acquired from another player but was not well advertised by a music store, and is unlikely to be bought by the Yamah 4C/Selmer S80 C* Disciples, and Teachers thereof that roamed the ancient sax beginners plains - so remained unplayed.;}

Maybe it would serve one of your students well.
Sold to the Mrs. Olive Grove!

I will send it out tomorrow if that is OK!
Kind regards
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