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Saxophones Interesting (likely) SML lineage altos on eBay

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There was a thread with some SML topics in it lately, but I can't find it via the thread titles at the moment. Maybe this deserves its own thread.

These are interesting on a number of fronts, imo:

- obviously SML descendants -- if not for the low C/Eb one might almost think these were SMLs made (and even engraved) by the actual SML company, then assembled (and above all polished/buffed) by some other entity.

- the low Eb/C suggest early Taiwan ("Winston" era or earlier), or PRC (Parrot or earlier) manufacturing.

- the buffing (rounded off edges on keys that would be sharp edged if actually SML)

- mechanism is just about all consistent with SML, especially bell keys and offset low C#.

It's pretty obvious to me, just by looking, that much of these were made with SML parts or by a factory somewhere that bought the SML tooling.

But also that they're not by the actual SML factory, per se.

There are some other brands like this floating around that pop up on eBay now and then. I remember "Heimer" was/is one that comes up every now and then.

I do have an ulterior motive for posting this: I sort of hope someone that uses the forum will purchase these, and comment. The uses I'd have don't merit going through the whole rigamarole of a trip to my receiving counter, quarantining them, etc. etc. etc..
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