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Hi Guys

I have been approached by another school to do peripatetic lessons for them on self employed basis. They have asked to see a copy of my insurance for working in schoolsIn four years of working in schools I have never had or been asked for insurance. The head of music at one of my other schools says he had never thought about it but thinks that the school cover me.

does any one have and idea what I should do about this?


Would you also need to have had a police check?
(I got fed-up with all the paperwork they wanted me to fill-in to coach hockey to U-18s and from being told I mustn't give them a lift to/from games I was umpiring. I understand the need for protecting young people, but IMO some of the 'stuff' is OTT :( )
I work in a college, and all our teachers are covered by the general college insurance. I sometimes get new teachers wanting to show me copies of the insurance they use for their private work, and I wave it away. Unless it's a private school (I don't know how they operate) it seems really odd to me that they are asking for this. Perhaps you should ask them to explain?

Hi Folks

Just to bring you upto date with this saga as it gets better.

When the contacted me I asked various questions about the position including what the hourly rate was, they told me that the previous teacher was paid £25.00 ph. I agreed that that was good and arranged a meeting for this wednesaday to introduce myself. I had an email on Saturday saying that the interview was cancelled as they had found some one who would do the teaching for a lot less. There was no chance to negotiate a reduction from me or anything? Not sure whats going on as they basically said the I was the only person they contacted, just seems a bit odd to me.

Thanks for your advice regarding the insurance but as you can see its not really required now.



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