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Microphones Inexpensive but very nice sounding DIY clip on.

Pete Thomas

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This is a DIY clip on that has an unfeasably good sound, and very very inexpensive. Maybe even cheap.

I've mentioned the actual mic before, but as I need a clip on for my next gig with Planetary Assault Systems at the London Fabric club later this month, I decided to make a clip on thingummy for it:

I'm quite chuffed with it.
This sounds great Pete! And doesn't look too bad either. My husband has just listened to both clips (without knowing why) and couldn't tell the difference. I haven't got to the stage of needing a mic yet :crying: but if I ever do I'll definately have a go at making that.
Thanks, nice one!:welldone
A great piece of impro Pete! I wanted to endorse your use of self-amalgamating tape. In my other absorber of time, amateur radio, I use the stuff a lot on outdoor antenna connections. It's completely weatherproof and stays flexible over many years. It shapes itself completely to whatever you wrap it round - even fine screw threads. It needs to stretch to about four times its original length to work properly and it is easy to over-estimate how much you need. Only thing is it is so good you need something like a craft knife to slice right through it to get it off.
Cool. Hard to hear any difference. Roughly what distance (in mm) is it between the mic and the bell/flair?
Looks very interesting. Maplin seem to have two options in the price range, LB69A which is unidirectional but only has a frequency response down to 100Hz, and YW71N which is omnidirectional and goes down to 50Hz.

Since a tenor's "Bb" (actually Ab, see other threads...>:)) is 103Hz, you'd probably want the latter if mic'ing up a bari or bass, but could get away with either for tenor and higher. From what you said, Pete, the omni is OK anyway? I guess you might need the unidirectional one if feedback was a problem, but might need to be a bit pickier about positioning?


Blimey. I did something very similar with a tie pin mic about 20 years ago. I'll have a rummage and see if I've still got it.
Found it (I never throw anything away :) )

we have a company in oz called jaycar and they have them for nineteen dollars
I've just built one and feel very proud of it.

I used a clip on micro light, the kind used for reading books in bed etc. It only cost £3 from a model shop and it's perfect.
The mic seems to work really well, I'm using it at a gig this Saturday, can't wait.
Thanks Pete, great tip!:welldone
we have a company in oz called jaycar and they have them for nineteen dollars

Thanks Allansto, we have a Jaycar shop in our local town in NZ, so will check it out!

Col will check out the micro light/model shop options

Mucho gracias

Ps thanks also to Pete for his original idea!
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Thanks for posting this Pete, a very useful item, I record myself regularly and this has made the process much better.

It can be quite surprising the number of too short/long notes, incorrect phrasing/accents etc. that you didn't notice when playing the piece, very good for testing mouthpieces as well, many thanks.
Hey visionari
If you build one could you send me some photos please
Ok so if I make a mic setup such as shown.
This I can do
Now you say just plug and play.
This is where I Know nuthingggg colonel.
So how do I go some where that might have a sound system mixer etc.
Like my local church that allready have a band but no sax player
and become a part of the band so to speak with my mic?
Hey visionari
If you build one could you send me some photos please

No problem Allansto,

Still accessing the little mic as my local shop didn't stock everything.

I printed off Pete's info, however I left it sitting at home.

What is the name part # of Jaycars model?
Has anyone tried the current Maplin mics yet?
I think the important thing for best quality is that it is an electret (or back electret) mic
Ok Pete will stay looking for that one

Cheers & ciao

"Together We Create Beauty"
Try this

you can even buy it on-line. AM4092.


Greg Strange.

Thanks Greg,
I went into Nelson Jaycar store yesterday quoting the Electret 33-1063 to the assistant who did a search, finally saying no we don't have that model only digitech mic's.

I've had a quick look on the internet Pete's 33-1063 which has a black cover with the aluminium body on the mic and the Jaycar model, which is all black (no ali showing no mention of 33-1063) looks like it could be the same. The boxed model 33-1063 shown on ebay also has other adaptors and unknown bits in the box... so still unsure if Jaycar's model is exactly the same as Pete's one, though he does mention Black electret.

I'm heading to Perth next week so perhaps that will be an easier option

Thanks anyway!
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