Saxophones Inderbin thunder neck - silver tenor neck


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After a little bit of play testing I have to say I am enjoying my new sax set up (latest for me this week most likely) with the Inderbin "thunder neck" but i have no idea why they gave it that crazy name tho!
In brief, it plays great and looks great, the rails on the side are not cosmetic and act as a reinforcement against pull down and also dampen some vibrations in certain notes to give better intonation, tho i must say i do like the funky looking octave key being squared off, and no before anyone thinks it i dd not buy it cos it looks good! :)
It has opened up and given a thicker richer sound all over the saxophone and has added a thicker core in my sound that I really wanted and like a lot like being that i play really bright mouthpieces and i have a very bright natural sound when i play,
I am getting closer to "that sound" I like and have been working at with this set up.
Loving it.


link to more pictures here
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Looks fantastic - would suit my Silver 62 beautifully .. I wish I could Find one In-Der-Bin !!!!!!
Yeah, "Thunder Neck" is probably because of just this - the richness and thickness , likely projection and power it adds ............. could have been worse, it could have been made from Copper and been called the Redneck:rofl: ..

I think getting one of these would be a far better move for me than searching out a Pruple Logo Screecher neck - I liked the Pruple neck on Alto where excessive brightness adds, but not on Tenor, not for me anyway . the In-Der-Bin (or a Yamaha F1-AG) sounds perfect ........ How much are they though ...........
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