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In Praise of Dreams - Sayers arrangement


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I recently did an arrangement of a Jan Garbarek, using Sibelius, logic, a lot of sweat and tears, embellished with my Theo Wanne Datta HR mpc on my Yani T991 UL.. Enjoy .. I hope, and comments welcome! For the serious Garbarek fans around, I hope I didn't spoil this tune for you :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread.


Hi Just listened to your stuff and was impressed with both the production and the playing.

I always like it when you click on something and you get a little tickled by something a wee bit different. I hope you continue to post your stuff on the site
Thank's for posting. You have done a great version of one of the few Garbarek tunes that is actually pleasant to the ear (in my opinion).
Isn't that one of the main reason why we have music Clivey :) I'm glad you enjoyed, I'll be posting more original stuff in the future. Thanks again,


Sorry I didn't get a chance to listen before.

Very impressive.

Not going to persuade me to like/listen to JG, though.
Nice one Kev, thank you .. p.s. I love that quote, "Man is limited by his fears, not his imagination" So true! I'm going to have to steal this for my fb :)
As a proud owner of 27 of his albums/CDs I found it really enjoyable to listen to, despite no viola! I was pleased that my Saxscape Uptown Live mpc produces an excellent vibe on Tenor. A production to be proud of, I would say.

I enjoy the slightly lighter texture than in the original which makes it less church like in its setting and with a different meditative quality to my mind. Garbarek's tenor playing is a little underrated in my view. Agreed - he is a brilliant musician, and a good example of a self taught sax player!
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